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Lead Programmer,
Game Designer,
3D Artist

Work in progress


Kawiteros is a game experience where the player plays a Huichol shaman who has begun his initiatic journey. He has to create the Day & Night cycle, currently non-existant in this universe. He’ll meet the deer-god, who will guide him in his quest and become the first Kawiteros, the first shaman who will fulfill the prophecy. Since November 2014, we're working with Neko Entertainment. The game will be released on Steam in 2016.

My tasks :

Programming :

Integration :

3D Art :

Game Design :
gameplay mechanics, tools for the game designers, shaders

3D models, sprites, animations

main character and animations (currently reworked)

helping to design the main features, tweaking

Awards and contests :

Presented at EGX 2015 (Birmingham)

Winner of the Nova Play 2014 (formerly Hits Play Time)

Nomination-Finalist at FLIP Trophy 2014

Nomination at Unity Awards 2014 "Best Student Project" & "Community Choice"

Registration at IndieCade 2014 contest

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